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Celebrating 20 years of quarterly publication, our Analog Design Journal offers powerful technical insight written by engineers for engineers. These exclusive, carefully selected articles help novice and seasoned engineers sharpen their knowledge of emerging applications and analog circuits.

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Selecting output caps for buck converters based on Zout and load slew rates

With a growing demand for mobile devices, servers, storage and telecommunication equipment, and cloud-computing infrastructures, there is a need for more computing power, greater efficiency and higher power densities.

Easily improve the performance of analog circuits with decompensated amplifiers (Rev. A)

A decompensated amplifier is an amplifier, usually an operational amplifier (op amp), that has had its stability reduced in order to improve its performance.

High-side current sources for industrial applications

The use of current sources in industrial applications is widespread because the current-based signal provides higher noise immunity than voltage-based signals in a harsh industrial environment.

A comparison of battery-charger topologies for portable applications

Battery-powered electronics are becoming ubiquitous in sectors far outside the personal electronics space. These applications require different voltages and currents, which lead to different battery chemistries and configurations.

How to debug I2C through waveform analysis

There’s a reason why I2C is one of the most common onboard communication protocols. Designers prefer I2C because it only requires two wires: a data line (SDA) and a clock line (SCL).

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TI's technical advisory council for the Analog Design Journal is comprised of three industry veterans who help guide our deep, technical content. Their goal is to bring readers topics that are current and relevant to your designs and provide advice to authors on how to thoroughly answer your burning questions.

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Robert Taylor

I enjoy extending my knowledge and teaching newer engineers by removing design obstacles in their path.

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[While enrolled at University of Texas at Dallas] I was involved in robotics and tutoring. My hobbies include gardening, fishing and fixing small and large engine machinery.

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Bobby Mitra

My parents taught me to always teach, and to gain insights by observing many perspectives to solve a problem. It’s what engineering is all about.

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